MP3 Server

I have created an MP3 server and added it to my home sterio. Before you e-mail me and ask for access to it, forget it. I don’t share mp3 files. This project is to allow me to be able to listen to any of the music I like whenever I like. The server is IR controlled allowing me to pick from numerous play lists at any time. This is accomplished by using numerous linux software packages. Right now it runs quite nicely on a pentium 200 box with 64 meg of ram. The box is running as you might have already guessed… redhat linux. It is using LIRC, mpeg123, IRMP3, Samba, abcde, and for various features. Samba allows me to add songs easily from any of the windows boxes on the network. In addition to this it also allows songs to be played on other PCs at any time via winamp. LIRC is used in conjunction with IRmp3 to allow for the control of mpg123 via infrared. Abcde is used to add new CD’s I purchase to the share. All I have to do is insert the disc in the drive and type “abcde” on the console. In the future I will be configuring a button on the remote to handle this, as its really annoying to still have the keyboard and monitor in the room.