Today, I discovered a chipmunk with a very large ego.
The chipmunk has found an echo chamber under the air handler for one of the buildings
I came out of Building A, and heard this LOUD Thundering CHIRP noise. When I tracked it to the source, it was a little chipmunk on a pipe under the air handler. As I watched him he would sit there partly bouncing… then tense all up and “CHIRP” as loud as he could. The Chirp was amplified by the air handler and made him sound enormous. He would then look around to see if anyone was watching and repeat the process. He finally noticed me and ducked under an angle iron. He then proceeded to pop his little head up in Kilroy fashion, checking every couple seconds to see if I was still there
Once I walked away I heard behind me…
Letting me know he had once again returned to his fun 🙂