Banned Books Week 2004

Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read is observed during the last week of September each year. Observed since 1982, the annual event reminds Americans not to take this precious democratic freedom for granted. Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to choose or the freedom to express one’s opinion even if that opinion might be considered unorthodox or unpopular and stress the importance of ensuring the availability of those unorthodox or unpopular viewpoints to all who wish to read them. After all, intellectual freedom can exist only where these two essential conditions are met.
Ban No More in 2004 Pin


Happy Gram!

Well here is a bit of a change in pace for me on here. Normally this blog just ends up being my place for complaining. Considering my previous post, I definitely think I need to post my happy gram story today.
When I returned from work today I noticed the voicemail indicator on the phone was lit. Normally this means it’s a grouchy student calling needing help who can’t stand to wait for me to respond via E-Mail. So begrudgingly I picked up the phone and dialed the number for voicemail and hesitantly pressed the number one key to playback the 1st of two voicemails.
the voice on the other end began thier message with “Mr. Wohlers,”. That’s usually a bad sign, It often brings to mind the Agent Smith in the movie the Matrix…
“My name is Jon Mongomery” the voice continued… This in and of it self is a banner moment, because quite often both e-mail or voicemail the student forgets to bother letting me know who they are.
“I’m calling because I am having problems logging into the library web page to do research. I thought I understood what I was supposed to do, but it doesn’t seem to be accepting my information.”… This is the point where I half expected him to hang p and leave me with nothing but a name. It’s amazing how cynical and jaded I am anymore when it comes to tech support.
“My phone number is ______ and I’ll be looking forward to your call. Thanks!” with that the message went back to then options. I grabbed a pencil and piece of paper and replayed the message so that I could call him back when I got done with the other voicemail. He did after all say thank you. That moves him up on the call list from “whenever I’m feeling masochistic”, to “gee now is a pretty good time to call.”
So then I moved on to message number two in the queue. I immediately recognized the voice as being his as well. Sadly my first thought was “Oh god he is persistent… Time to move him back to the masochistic list”. Resisting the urge to hit delete, I listened on…
“Yes Mr Wohlers,” again with the Mr Wohlers… I’m impressed
” This is Jon Montgomery again. I guess I was entering my information in the wrong box. So I’m in now and I have no problems. ”
as my jaw hit the desk.
” Thank you anyway and you have a beautiful day sir.”
Wow… This just really amazed me. This guy was a joy to have heard. Not even just because I didn’t have to do anything but because he was polite and had manners.

I even hunted his email address down and thanked him for the pleasant v-mail.