Sonja’s Christmas List

Dear Santa and other interested souls:

Here it is Christmas season 2004 already. I would like to thank
all of you for the wonder Christmas I had last year. I received
several wonderful and much needed items. I know that this year no
one counting myself can afford to spend a lot on gifts this year.

I’m sorry I can’t give as much as I have been giving in the past
but becasue of health and monetary reasons I find myself falling
way short of the usual limits. Therefore, I hope to catch most before
they decide on what to give me. Fortunatly I don’t think I need
any expensive stuff.

Following is a list of suggestions:

  • An inexpensive DVD player
  • Some Slacks or Jeans sized 18 or 20 or Jogging pants Men’s size
    L / Ladies 18/20 (All must have pockets and prefer gathered rather
    than straight-legged Joggers)
  • Cotton – Hanes or Fruit of the Looms size 8
  • New Crewel Socks
  • Some Twin Extra Long or Dorm Sheets for my Hospital Bed
  • Gift Cards for Wal-Mart are always appreciated (I can get foor
    or personal or household items with them.)
  • Gift Cards for BP, Mobile, or Casey’s (Shell is okay but gas
    prices in this area are too high)
  • Of course I love the things I get I don’t even know I need until
    after I get them.

Thanks Love, Sonja