Well I jsut discovered a certain co-worker is in the top three email users on campus. I had to set up archiving in order to remove enough mail to let the mail server work again… Eww… I was pleased ot know I wasnt even in the top 25…

God I’ll be so glad when we can dump Exchange 5.5 for whatever we end up going to. (Please be groupwise)


What’s your sign…

Sometimes I wonder if I know too much for my own good…

I read this article… politics/content/news/epaper/2004/11/05/a29a_BROWVOTE_1105.html

and the second I hit the 32,000 number it hit me what’s wrong with their program…

1st off the number 32,000 is wrong it’s actually 32767… but that’s sorta splitting hairs to the general public…

But 2ndly the reason for the counter going backwards is because they have brain dead programmers… They used the wrong type of number (16 bit signed integer vs floating point if you are really curious) to compute this… grumble grumble… in that type of number the maximum number you can work with is 32767 or -32765 depending… when done wrong when you hit 32767 and add 1 rto it, the math rolls over into -32765… and add one to that you get -32764.. etc etc… trim off the “-“ and you get a number that’s counting down…

Any 1st year programmer should know this stuff…. Makes me really irritated that things like voting systems are handled by morons…

Sonja’s Christmas List

Dear Santa and other interested souls:

Here it is Christmas season 2004 already. I would like to thank
all of you for the wonder Christmas I had last year. I received
several wonderful and much needed items. I know that this year no
one counting myself can afford to spend a lot on gifts this year.

I’m sorry I can’t give as much as I have been giving in the past
but becasue of health and monetary reasons I find myself falling
way short of the usual limits. Therefore, I hope to catch most before
they decide on what to give me. Fortunatly I don’t think I need
any expensive stuff.

Following is a list of suggestions:

  • An inexpensive DVD player
  • Some Slacks or Jeans sized 18 or 20 or Jogging pants Men’s size
    L / Ladies 18/20 (All must have pockets and prefer gathered rather
    than straight-legged Joggers)
  • Cotton – Hanes or Fruit of the Looms size 8
  • New Crewel Socks
  • Some Twin Extra Long or Dorm Sheets for my Hospital Bed
  • Gift Cards for Wal-Mart are always appreciated (I can get foor
    or personal or household items with them.)
  • Gift Cards for BP, Mobile, or Casey’s (Shell is okay but gas
    prices in this area are too high)
  • Of course I love the things I get I don’t even know I need until
    after I get them.

Thanks Love, Sonja