Snow? What Snow?

Well, here it is December 23rd and I keep hearing about this snow storm and that snow storm… Do we get any snow? nope… jsut bloody fricking cold weather…

My poor friend Neisha and her family is snowed in at their IN home.

I’m not saying I want that much snow… but a nice covering would help to put me in the mood. Althgouh, if my wish is to be granted, I’d preferr it not start falling till later this evening as I have Christmas gifts to deliever tonight yet. Yeah I know, picky, picky, picky…

Christas Wrapping

Last night I finally got around to wrapping a bunch of gifts. I now have all of the gifts for my friends and co-workers wrapped. Next up family gifts. I did manage to get Sonjas main gift wrapped too.

A little more data

Well, I managed to recover a few more old posts. I had written a few of them in my palm pilot and never deleted them from there. So I copied and pasted them back in. So now I have some stuff in from February.

It’s good to be back

Arriving home today, I noticed that I had finally received my replacement keyboard for my laptop. Woohoo!!! Look I can use the 6 key, and the ~ and even the delete key! The delete key is the most important thing, seeing as how windows 2000 and XP won’t let you login without CTL + ALT + DEL.

mod rewrite fun

Well, tonight I looked throught my logs for the webserver, and noticed some interesting correlations in posts related to the annoying spamvertisers… I have now made some changes to my webserver based on complicated rulesets that should make it more… uh… fun… for the spamvertisers… 🙂 Nothing like having them redirect to thier own srevers for a tast of fun…


Listen up all you ingnorant spamvertisers, I do not play poker. I have no interest in playing poker. If you continue to attempt to post advertisements on my server I will consider it an attack and will notify the proper authorities. Perhaps now would be a good time to mention that I do have a binder of phone numbers of certain people in washington that would be very interested in your activities. The binder was given to me when I sat and talked with Dennis Hastert in his office… Do I make myself clear?