John’s Christmas List

Happy Holidays to All,

I have had a really hard time coming up with things for this list
this year. I really don’t need a lot. There are so many other people
in the world that need a lot more than I do. So I guess this becomes
a list of wants, and of things I can and will use.

  • Socks, I am always in need of socks… Please stick to the
    Haynes Crew
    socks, Size 12-14
    , they are plain white with the grey toes
    and heels.
  • I could use a new battery for my Sony DSC-75 camera; the original
    for it is starting to wear out. (Battery: NP-FM50)
  • I would like to have a smaller "tack" hammer for projects
    that require a bit more delicacy than is afforded by my framing
  • Another tool that would be nice to have is a nail set. Stanley
    makes some nice one with rubber grips that come in a three pack
    of various sizes.
  • I can always use CD-R and DVD-R discs to use for backing up computer data.
  • I have a few items in my wish list which can be accessed
    from the right hand side of my website.
  • I have also selected a few items at ""
    that would be nice editions to my growing collection. The link
    to my wish
    is also available on my website.

Thank you one and all for anything you might give me, nothing is
really expected. Merry Christmas to all,

John Wohlers