Day of Musical Fun

Wow what a day. I was pretty sure today was goign to be rought, what with having to fly to TN and missing the Seelie Court show becasue of it. The day started off sour, when IDOT decided its a goot idea to replace english tollway signswith pictoral ones so peopel that cant read english can still figure out how to use the tollway… Of course doing so requires them to close down all but one laneof the tollway out by me. This made me 20 minutes late for the Chicago Maritime Festival. I wasn’t thrilled aobut that because I mised out on the 1st 20 minutes of the all hands shanty sing. Still I arrived in time to catch a few tunes and join in a little.
The rest of the maritime fest was a blast though. Bounding Main put on astellar performance. I even heard on comment form behind me that said “These guys are incredible”.
After teh MAritime festival, I drove on to OHaire Airport and went to the intense “fun” involved there. All the time wishing I coudl go to the Seelie Court show in Genoa. WEll after teh flight i Text messaged a few people to let them know I made it in ok. Shortly after that my buddy Chris called me form the Seelie COncert in Genoa, and asked if there were any songs I wanted to hear. I told him two of my favorites and he said he woudl call me. That raised my spirits a lot.
Little did I know that when he did call me, i woudl be in my hotel room, and the clarity on my cell phone in speaker phone mode was good enough that we left the phones running. I got to hear almsotthe entire 2nd set. 😀 I even got a few heckles from Jon. What a night, I’m sitting here in TN in my hotel room, uploading pictures from this mornings show in Chicago, to a server Somonauk, IL while Listening to a concert going on in Genoa, IL. (and also a concert goign on outside the hotel in Nashville, TN) Wow isn’t technology grand. 🙂

In addition to technology thoguh, my friends are the greatest. I’m not sure what I did to deserve all of you, but I sure hope I’m worth it 😀

Thanks again to all of you!!!


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