Despite what it may appear from my previous posts on this board, I have been weighing my choices and really had not made up my mind on who I was voting for until I went to the polls this morning. As I drove down my street I noticed, yet again, that the signs for the existing board members were slashed and in lying in pieces. I find these acts of vandalism deplorable and completely uncalled for. This has been going on for weeks. I even noticed that a supporter of the current board erected a hand painted wooden sign in their yard to keep it from falling victim to the vandals. I would have liked to have seen some sort of statement from those opposing the current board stating that this is not an action their campaign supports. I understand that the vandalism may not be something they condone, but with no statement to contrary one is left to wonder. It is my hope that if Mr Brockman, and the other candidates that are opposing the current board are elected they will endeavor to stand up against this type of militant behavior.