What a difference a day makes

I was IMing with my sister saturday night after spending part of the day upgrading sendmail, and setting up smarthost features so that I can once again send mail to everyone I talk to. (Spam filters have been being very generous about bloacking out full dynamic IP ranges) While we were talking, the subject of the various projects around the house came up and I mentioned having to rebuild the old grape arbor that was falling apart.
Old Arbor
FYI: There is a very long story involved in why the 3 year old grape arbor is falling apart that I won’t get into here. Anyway she then asked for a few details about what we wanted, and told me she and her husband Glenn and little Jessica would be here Sunday at 10. WOW! Now there’s a surprise for me. I expected that project to be another of those never done projects that start fights.
Well sure enough at 10:15 Sunday morning there they were in my driveway. I had already dismantled part of the old arbor and in minutes Glenn had the other remaining section torn down. He and I then went over the rough scetch Palley had made of what she wanted and headed off to Menards for supplies. $80.70 later (woohoo 8% off everything sale) we had a truck load of lumber and decking screws.
By 4:00pm we had a new and MUCH improved arbor.
New Arbor
Thanks again Glennn, and Sharon!!!