Sales Drones

As some of you know I work in a library. One of the best bennefits of this is that I have the PERFECT response to mazazine / newspaper sales people. Today, one such call came in. The call went something like this:

“Hi my name is Kerri, and I’m with ______ magazine and I’d like to offer you a free…”
Me (interrupting): “I work in a library….”
Kerri: “Huh? you mean you are not a __Technology Assistant__ anymore?” (The inserting of database information into the conversation was quite obvious.)
Me: “No, I am still a technology assistant, for a Library…”
Kerri: “… but so wait …”
Me: “I work in a library. The library receives a subscription. I get it routed to my desk. Therefore I do not need my own.”
Kerri: “uhhh… ummm…” [pause]
Kerri: “Ok, well is there any other technology person in the library that needs a copy?”
Me: “No… It’s a library and we don’t need to have more than one copy…”
Kerri: “Uhh… ok… that’s wierd…”
Me: “Thank you, good by”

I think it is one of my goals to someday be a footnote in a magazine / newspapers sales training handbook…