I installed the newest version of iTunes for grins. I had hear it was offering podcast support. On a whim I did a search and sure enough my friend Kris’ podcast “Croncast” shows up. It shows up alright, actually it shows up two times. One with the explicit tag, and one with out. I know he isn’t putting out two shows so I’m just curious as to where Apple pulls their data from for their podcast data.

More Office 2003 Research pane fame

It seems the Research pane addin is really much more popular that I ever imagined. It was mentioned in a nice article at “Library Science Pad“. It also looks like I may have stolen a little thunder from OCLC with the release of it. They were / are apparently working on the same thing. It seems they want to charge for it. Once I get the code posted on sourceforge, I think there are enough people in the library world to allow this project to far excede what any one company can provide. Perhaps thats just me.

Nice fix for MSI issues

This wekend I was working on a computer that contained some viruses and a trojan. It seems at some point during the reign of the nastys they damaged the norton antivirus on the computer. This is a common thing and I’ve seen it more times than I can count. I was able to remove the viruses, and spyware quite nicely w/o needing to reimage the system. I installed all teh windows updates and all the updates for every program on the system and tehn went to re-install norton. I ran the installer and it when thoguh its 1st few questions and all seemed normal… When it got to the meat of the install I recieved an error saying “This MSI must be launched from setup”. This of course made no sense as the MSI WAS being run from setup. After a little googling I discovered this happens and Norton’s site had the fix. The fix involves using a tool I had not heard of that works WONDERS on MSI install problems.
There have been times int eh past where I resorted to manual registry editing to force MSI’s to think they had not been installed before but this puppy looks like it will take all the work out of it. Thank you Microsoft!

More publicity

Here is another site that mentioned the Firefox plugin and the Office research tool. I noticed last night for some reason the server wasn’t giving the right mime type out on the downloads. I fixed it this morning but to all the users of IE they only got a page of garbage. I never noticed it becasue Firefox was smart enough to figure it out on its own. In a way I like that it did, but on the other hand it seems then that Firefox is making assumptions on its own about content and not really conforming to the server.

A death knell to Bristol?

Call me paranoid…
Hey I heard that…
I just have to wonder if the Supreme court’s new descision regarding seizure of private property by local government will affect Bristol. I jsut can’t help but wonder if the local government won’t use this ruling as a way to evect Bristol and “revitalize” the area around it. Can you say subdivision, and yet another useless stripmall?

A real turn on…

Today I get a call from a co-worker, and they are having troubles with a software package. I decded to remote control them to make it easier as I have had calls from this person before. After waiting to connect with no luck the person pipes up from the other end of the phone. “Oh, do you need the computer turned on?”

I can’t make this stuff up folks.. and even if I could, it woudln’t be as funny…