4 of 1 – Used carriage saleman

AHHHH WOW! What a weeekend. Well I really enjoyed playing 4 of 1 for Seelie Court this weekend. I managed to sell somwhere around 15 CD’s for them… Then there were 6 for Elvendrums, 3 for 3 pints gone, 1 for Vince Connaway, and 1 for ShantyMan & Bonnie Lass… Not bad for my first attempt I guess. I think my 4 of 1 personality was a used carrage salesman in a former life. 😀

Anyway my favorite sale involved a member of the nobility. She was sitteing enjoying a show when her dane family arrived to se her in all her glory. Wel during the happy visit with Mom, Grandma and Dad I took the opportunity to work my way into the mix. While the daughter was talkign to Grandma I pulled Mom aside. “You know, she has been sitting here enjoying the show all afternoon… What better way to give her a great memory of the weekend than to buy her a CD”.
Mom: “HEY THATS A GREAT IDEA!!! How Much are they?”
Me: “Only $15, not a bad price for a daughters love…”
The mother happily handed over the cash and recieved her new present.
Mom (to Daughter): “Here Honey, I got you this!”
Daughter: “WOW MOM!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! THANKS!!!!”
Me: “Psssst they have 5 more CD’s you might want some on hand in case of any future arguments…”

She didn’t hear me and I wasn’t goign to press the issue, there were more peopel to sell to. 🙂

Oh I did order one patron to buy a Seelie Court pin… “You have been to all the shows today… Buy this pin!”
patron (rummaging thogh wallet): “How much?”
me: $3, or for the low low price of $18 I’ll thgouh in any CD of your choosing 🙂
Jon Baade: “Heck if he buys a cd give him the pin”
Patron: “I only have $5”
Me: “Congrats on your new pin!”
he took the pin and imediatly put it on
Jon to me: Dude you jsut orderd him to buy a pin….
me: Yeah, so? It worked didn’t it?
Jon: Dude that rocks!!!

Ahhhhhh 4 of 1 is evil… At least thats my story and I’m sticking to it.