I’m leaving in just a few minutes to go camping for Chris and Mollys engagement party. It should be a very relaxing time I think. I’ll be up in Bong Recreation area in WI with Chris and Molly and anyone else that shows up. Karl and Gabby are supposed to be there tonight. I have a feeling there wont be to many others because of the heat, but oh well there’s more privacy that way. I managed to forget the cooler, so I’ll have to get one on the road. I also can’t seem to find my sleeping bag since I can back from St Louis. Karl says it was on the diningroom table, which is where I remember it beign too. I left it there so I wouldn’t forget to put it in the car… I’m guessing its been packed away at home , mistaken for Micheals… Oh well as hot as it is I doubt I really will need it. Oh I also forgot the supersoakers on the kitchen table… It just wasn’t a good morning to pack.