More Office 2003 Research pane fame

It seems the Research pane addin is really much more popular that I ever imagined. It was mentioned in a nice article at “Library Science Pad“. It also looks like I may have stolen a little thunder from OCLC with the release of it. They were / are apparently working on the same thing. It seems they want to charge for it. Once I get the code posted on sourceforge, I think there are enough people in the library world to allow this project to far excede what any one company can provide. Perhaps thats just me.


One thought on “More Office 2003 Research pane fame

  1. Thanks for the mention. OCLC is indeed making services available through the Microsoft Research Pane, as well as looking at business models. At the moment this is a Terminologies pilot

    We also have a variety of research and development activities (see for e.g. looking at different ways of delivering resources in a ‘web services’ environment. We can imagine making a range of services available in this way in the future. Some services would need some form of payment; others would be continue to be freely available.

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