Office 2003

Today the news of my work with Office 2003, SOAP, XML, and Z39.50 hit the library world by way of “The Shifted Librarian“. I decided to setup a project on Sourceforge and see if others will contribute to the code and see if we can’t just make this project work for every catalog out there. I really think it has potential.

Batman Begins – No spoilers

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I just returned from Batman Begins and all I can say is WOW! Ok, perhaps I can say more, like BRAVO! and ENCORE! and DUDE THAT ROCKED! Seriously though I honestly came away from this movie feeling like I got my money’s worth. That hasn’t really happened since Lord of the Rings. I will definitly be going back to see it again. I’m sure all the Batman purists out there can probably pick it to pieces for continuity but really… leave it alone it. Let it stand on it’s own and you will have to agree it was really quite good. This movie performs a much needed Reset button on the whole franchise and I honestly hope that others are made along these same lines. Major kudos to the whole creative team and I hope they come together again for a sequel.
Gone are the campy cartoonish sets and nonsensical looks to the film as seen in the previous few Batman movies. This movie brings things back to the gritty seedy underbelly of Gothem where the Batman story really thrives. Being a Chicago suburbanite I have to admit I loved being able to pick out parts of Chicago, and it didn’t really detract from the belief in the movies version of Gothem city. I didn’t stay for the credits but I’m sure I will be able to find them online (yeah IMDB) becasue there are a couple characters that I’m certain I recognised from the Batman universe. (No I’m not a comic book geek or anything but I have watched more than my fair share of the various animated series)

Referral Spam

Well I just had a chance to go over my logs for the past few months and the spammers are at it again. As most, more alert, webmasters are no doubt aware one of the newer tactics of the evil spammers is to use whats known as referral spam. Thier hope is that a site woudl ahve their stats up and wiewable to the public, and therefore give them a better ranking in search engines by littering the innocent webhosts site with links to their spamvertised site. As soon as I saw it in my logs I knew what I shoudl do, but rather than reinvent the wheel I did some google searchign and found the most common method for dealing with this is to use the apache SetEnvIfNoCase module to match keywords on the referrer and then deny the hit. This gives them a 403 forbidden error and should cut down on the massive amounts of traffic I’ve been seeing. I hate these loosers…

One great tool I did come across to test the rule is mentioned in the following post:

It was a godsend to test my rules out. I liked it so much I even donated $5.


My goodnes, has it really been well over a month since I posted anything on here… Hmm well I’ll probably go back and post some thigns retrospectivly about the past few weekends… but I just took the Renaissance faire purity test again. (I do about once a year…) and wow it seems I’ve been corrupted even more this past year…

Here is the result of your Renaissance Purity Test.
You answered “yes” to 116 of 152 questions, making you 23.7% FaireFolk pure (76.3% FaireFolk corrupt).
According to the scoring guide, your renaissance experience level is: A RenRat