Hot time in the old Village…

Weekend number two has come and gone. This weekend like the one prior to it was hot. This weekend though was much hotter than last. I managed to keep myself well hydrated thanks to Bob, and the others at the friar. They, combined with FOF were a godsend. Saturday saw the return of Bounding Main for one of thier two apperances at Bristol. We were of course ready for them. We were asked to help them with a new audience participation thing where they start out with “Ahoy Audience!” and the audience yells back “Ahoy Bounding Main!!!”. We of course couldn’t resist playing with them. We smuggled in a dozen bags of the lunch pack size chips ahoy cookies. When the time came they yelled out “Ahoy Audience!” we yelled back “CHIPS AHOY BOUNDING MAIN!!!” and tossed our cookies. The resulting chaos and roars of laughter was well worth it. Best of all they took it in stride, laughing all the way. In fact it went over so well that we repeated it thier 3rd show. (You can’t do these things every time, or it’s expected…)
Towards the end of the day there was an impromptu revel at midsummers that brought back a flood of memories. By the time it was over I felt like I could walk on air. It is really hard to explain how much the revel and the music at faire really means to me.
Sunday brought even more heat and more importantly the return of Seelie Court!!! I left Tony’s apartment and took about 6 steps and decided that I was a fool to have thought I could wear my green doublet. I pulled it off and continued to faire having made the descision to buy a lightweight THIN doublet. When we finally got in the faire I was already sweating up a storm and had gone through one bottle of water and a bottle of propell fitness water Tony and Carrie gave me.
When I got in I met up with Seelie Court and mentioned my need to purchase lightweight clothing. After a little conversation I dragged Juli along and we hit House of Dra. It’s very odd not having Debbi there. Juli and ended up settling on one of the sleeveless shirts, wine in color. We rejected a bright red one because it, combined with my green cap made me look like a freakishly large Christmas lawn decoration. HOHOHO
After making my purchaase and stopping by Bob I met up again with Seelie Court and we wandered around before their first show. Jon played MacGregors perls for Craig of Farrington. Craig seemed to like it. We then proceded back stage to get ready for thier 1st show and I once again got ready to sell CD’s as 4 of 1 / Wohlers Media Player 🙂 (I had a bit of a surprise ready for that too)
When we started to approach Midsummers stage they had quite a large audience. The town criers had been workign their magic. The show went well I thoguht. At one point I sat a family down for the show. A few moments later Seelie started Kepper Jack and I volunteered thier older son. 🙂 The first show seemed to go by much to fast as Juli’s daughter and I got back into the swing of things and before I knew it it was over.
The day progressed on, the heat rose and the crowds dwindled. I popped into FOF garden a few times, Karl seemed to have his hands full manning the Water, Gatoraid and overheated FOFers. It was decided there would be another set at the former guildhall stage. To my own, and everyone elses surprise I managed to sell a CD to a man from Quebec before the 1st song was even over.
Towards the end of the day there was a nice sing-a-long set at the old wash well with Jon, Jess, Lindsay, David and Heather. That set lasted for a good 30 minutes or so and everyone seemed to have a great time. When that set was over a bunch of musicians “accidentally” ran into each other over by the former guildhall stage. That set was wonderful too. While the set was going on there was a huge audience that gathered around to watch. The audience was made up of a LOT of the Bristol “regular” music fans. It’s funny how the grapevine works around faire. By the time that set was over I was compleetly wiped, but extreemly happy none the less.
We finished up the day with dinner at Perkins, Seelie joined us and we had a pretty good dinner.