A stitch in time…

This past weekend at Faire was a wild one to say the least. In addition to insane weather which included rain, tornados, and searing heat there was FOF feast. There was so much food left over they continued it on Sunday. I just couldn’t believe how much food there was.

As I was getting ready in the morning before faire I noticed I had popped a rivit on my mug strap. I have had that strap since I started coming to faire 10 years ago and really would reather not part with it so I found a vendor willing to fix it for me. To do so I had to remove my belt. They fixed it in no time flat, but that of course left me beltless. When I went to FOF to reassemble myself I found that I had also broken my camera pouch. I somehow managed to stretch the leather enough to pull the belt loop off the three rivets that held it in place.

A few hours laetr I managed to break my over the shoulder pouch that I’ve been using for CD’s…

Not a good garb weekend… I did finally manage to work the rivits back through the leather and get the pouch back together but I didn’t trust it enough to use it.

Well last ngiht I stopped into Hobby Lobby and bought a sewing awl to make a better repair of my pouch. I have never done any leather work before so I was a bit nervous about it. To my utter surprise it went quite well. In an hour I managed to sew pretty straight lines of stitching above the two rows of rivits on my camera pouch. It is my hope that it will now hold up and be immune to any more problems. I even pulled out the polyurethane glue and put a drop on each knot to keep it from untying on me.
I highly reccomend that glue, as it has managed to bond things previously thought to be immune to glue. 😀

Tonights project will be to attempt repair on my hanging pouch as I will be needing it for Sunday.