Gremlins must die!

Ahh it’s Wednesday, and the gremlins are still floating about. Today while finishing up a new report for our system that will automatically import interlibrary loan (ILL) items from our ILL system into our main library system I could not for the life of my get the system to run this report. Or any other custom report for that matter. Now having only just learned how to create custom reports last week I’ll admit I am new to it. However I have been using Perl for almost 10 years and am not a newcomer by any means. I checked, and re-checked and re-re-checked my code and there was nothing wrong. I finally decided to exit the library system user interface and go back in. Guess what… everything started working fine. <sigh> Damn gremlins. After work though I spent some much needed quality time with some friends. We talked, had pizza, talked, laughed joked etc. It was nice. They too are having tech issues, I really think it’s something in the air. Their problem is a pretty easy fix though. One of their neighbors put up some wireless cameras (2.4 ghz band) and their wireless network access on the laptop has stopped working. I told them what to do to fix it so hopefully they won’t have anymore troubles.