Haunted by a moment

Well Bristol is over for another year. Part of me is ok with that, while a bigger part isn’t. As I have time to ponder over it I will likely be adding more entries about it to this blog.

I still find myself haunted by the chorus of Johnny Miner sung at the washwell on Monday. It was certainly a sight and sound to behold and hear, patrons and cast alike in a giant group sing. It brought fond memories of the revel, and to me it will always be teh way to end a faire day. To me it felt like one of those moments where you can’t help but feel like somehow you have been caught up in something much greater than any one person ever can accomplish. (Of course thats obvious becasue it was a group of singers… duh but thats not exactly what I mean…) To me at least it was a moment in time that cannot ever be duplicated and should never be forgotten. To that end I am posting the lyrics:

(Ed Pickford)

Johnny Miner, you were born
Never to see the rising dawn,
Now it’s time that you were gone,
So farewell, Johnny Miner.

Farewell Durham, Yorkshire, too,
Nottingham, the same to you
Scotland, South Wales, bid adieu,
Farewell, Johnny Miner.

You struggled hard with slate and shale,
Lungs turned black and faces pale,
Now your body’s up for sale,
Farewell, Johnny Miner.


They promised you the earth some time
To work down in their stinkin’ mine,
Now the justice for their crime
Is farewell, Johnny Miner.


Cheer up John, it won’t be bad:
Unemployment isn’t hard –
They’ll treat you well in the knacker’s yard,
So farewell, Johnny Miner.

Chorus x2