Bump on a log

Today I have managed to accomplish absolutely nothing productive. Well unless you count making cinnamon rolls from a can, heating a frozen pizza, and watching CNN all day productive. Having watched CNN all day I can nearly recite the featured news stories they are playing today becasue I have seen them all 9 times. Why havn’t you changed the channel you could ask? Well I have changed it, but there is absolutly nothing on. Ok well absolutly nothing isn’t exactly true… There are some things on, in fact LOTR is on WGN but my feelings about that is, why watch it when I have it on DVD commercial free. Although at the moment the receiver / switcher for the stereo is damaged and drops the picture after a while. So I can’t just toss in the DVD and watch it.
In some sense it was nice not doing anything today, but still I feel guilty that I’ve basically wasted the entire day. I have numerous projects I need to be working on around the house, and yet I chose to waste the day. <SIGH>