Music on impulse

I have to admit that iTunes has really made a difference in my music purchasing habits. It used to be that I would never buy an album unless I really liked at least 2 or 3 songs on the disc. Now with iTunes I don’t have that restriction. If there is a song I hear and like I find myself looking for it on iTunes and more often than not if it has been recorded by more than one artist I end up buying the different versions of it. It has really made my collection more eclectic, but I think thats a good thing honestly.

Tonight I was watching CNN, and they were doing yet another story on the flood victems and in the background a tune caught my attention. One that I have heard a few times before but never looked up. Well a quick google search revealed it was “Send Me on My Way” by a band called “Rusted Root“. Another quick search in iTunes told me that they have 8 different versions of it. I picked the one off their album “Cruel Sun” and a few seconds later the download was complete and off I went.


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