New Prop – Part 2

Tonight I finished the basic structure of the giant puppet. So far it still seems light enough to manuver easily in and it has a good range of motion. I decided to attach the arm joints with some waxed twine to allow for maximum flexibility.

I ordered and received the HS-125 voice amplifier from Hisonic International, and it seems like it is definitly going to help keep me from losing my voice. It doesn’t really handle low frequency ranges well but I will make due. I stopped by the local radio shack today and picked up a 20′ extension cable for the mic. It turns out this is the perfect length. I was able to run the cable up the ‘spine’ of the puppet. I then ran the cable down the right arm and down the support arm used to manipulate the arm. The cable loops back up the arm and over to the amplifier located just below the neck. The reason for this long loop is so that I can add in a switch to turn off the mic when I do not want to be amped.