I just got back from my after Halloween binge shopping trip. Big Lots (by me at least) have tons of skulls for ~$3. They also had some cool large carvable foam pumpkins. Joanne fabrics have smaller carvable foam pumpkins for ~$6. I carved one of them a little bit ago and they seem to work well. I now need to decide on how I’m gign to light them. I think the flicker LED method would be best but I’m not sure how that circuit works. I’ll have to look online and see if anyone has it.
Michaels had some nice props and their stuff is all 50% off. They also had multiple sizes of foam carvable pumpkins. Dollar General had some cheap masks, and strings of orange lights.


Reflections from a 10 ft skeleton

Wow what a day / night. This was probably one of the best Halloweens I’ve ever had. The slight rain certainly didn’t put a damper on my spirits. (pun intended) We had a pretty good turn out of 284 kids that actually made it to the porch to get candy. We lost count of the number to scared by the new puppet and my buddy Christopher. At last count there were 20 that were scared off. Most of those were pre-teen girls who were just out for fun anyway. We didn’t count the number of adults waiting in the wings but there was easily another 200 of them.

To say the new 9-10 ft creature, affectionately dubbed “Mr. Skeleton Man” by the neighborhood kids, was a hit would be an understatement of colossal size. I posed for pictures with kids. I gave out hugs. I chased pre-teen girls who were out to be scared. I waved at kids. I waved at parents. I waved at passing cars. I even waved at the police. I had conversations with little kids, adults, teens, even grandparents. It was amazing. I would say 80% of them never once looked for me , they were content talking away to the creatures head. It never really occurred to them to look lower. It was Halloween, and talking to a 10 ft skeleton carrying a black rose is completely normal on Halloween.
I can’t even begin to describe all the emotions I’m feeling right now but boy do I feel good. It really has made me feel great that people appreciate and enjoy what I do. Who would have known 2 months ago when this little idea sprung into my head that it would have turned out so well and that it would have been received so well by the town.