Acrobat 7

We have been having tons of problems with Acrobat 7.0.5 and PDF’s from our database vendors at work. These problems manifest as pages that print with only one or two lines on the bottom of the page, or the page is entirely blank. This seems to happen in Internet Explorer, as well as Mozilla. I did a ton of research and found the following to be true:

Mozilla Firefox
(1.0.7 )
Internet Explorer
From Vendor Webserver X X
From Campus Web Server X ./
From Local Machine Webserver X ./
From Mapped Network Drive (file://) ./ ./
From Local Machine Hard Drive (file://) ./ ./

After posting numerous messages to support forums I got no resolution to the problem. I finally gave up and called Adobe. Calling Adobe is a scary thing because if they determine your problem is not a bug, and is somehtign casued by either the document you are viewing, or something on your system they will charge you ~$40 for the tech support call. I spoke with the tech, and was a little more gruff than I probably should have been. After a few questions he insisted on my CC number. After a bit more gruff conversation I gave in to the request and gave him my number. Once he had the CC number he explained to me that the documents producing this problem were created by a third party program. This third party program doesn’t fully conform to their standards and so Acrobat Reader is unsure what to do with the document. I pointed out that previous versions seem to print just fine but that version seven doesn’t. He again pointed out that it wasn’t their problem.
After hanging up with the Adobe tech I took a short breather and decided to call out database vendor. For no additional charge they told me they had been receivening complaints about this very problem, and had a temporary work around. They also offered to add me to the incident so that I would be notified when they had a more final solution.