Mrs. Bulkley would be proud…

Come to think of it, Mr Hickey, my highschool math teacher would be proud too.

You Passed 8th Grade Math
Math Test A+

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!

Mario Cart DS

I am compleetly addicted to Mario Cart DS. I havn’t enjoyed a video game this much in years. It has a number of unlockable carts & racers. I have finally managed to unlock them all. My favorite unlockable character is definitly R.O.B. you have to beat all of the courses with a gold trophy in all three I used to love to play the gyromite game with R.O.B. on my original NES system. I had thought Nintendo had forgotten about him compleetly but there he is. The programmers even turned one of his accessory sets into a cart in the game. They also invented a pair of legs (also a cart) for him that in the game look as if they were originally designed for him. I alway though he should have some mobility, and at one point in my childhood I actually built him wheels using legos. One of the funniest parings in the game is R.O.B. in Yoshi’s Egg cruiser. It looks absolutly hillarious.

Crash Update

I dropped off the accident victim, Roland, at his house after he finished up at the accident scene. We chatted all the way back. He was a very plesent person. He seemed a little shook up by the experience, as expected. I really hope I was some help in calming his nerves, I tried. It turns out he had gone to get groceries becasue his wife is laid up with a broken wrist. She backed into, and tripped over a flat cart in a store a few weeks back. He had even stopped at culvers and picked up her favorite shake to take home to her as a surprise. Unfortunatly when the accident occurred the shake went everywhere, including all over Roland. When we arrived at his house, I helped him unload his shake soaked posessions from my car so he would’t have to do it all himself. He also wouldn’t let me leave until I went inside and met his wife, I beleive her name was Carol. She seemed very nice and was happey he was fine. Althgouh it was cute how he told her more about the accident. “Oh it was pretty bad, I was hurt terribly, in fact I didn’t make it.” She responded with “Oh that’s terrible, I guess I’m talking to a ghost then huh?” he responded “Yes, thats me, your dead husband.” I couldn’t help but chime in with a, “He’s the ghost of Christmas present”. We all laughed and he filled her in on what really happeend. We all had a nice 20 minute conversation about this and that and they both thanked me repeatdly. I also wasn’t allowed to leave until he gave me money for helping him. I kept trying to refuse but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I feel guilty about accepting it. He insistend I should go and have a nice dinner, or get myself something nice for Christmas. (It wasn’t a small reward…) I’m debating on what to do with it… Should I keep it? Should I do as he said? Perhaps I should donate it to charity. I will definitly have to ask for some guidance on this.