DS Addiction

I added a new category, “Fun & Games”. The main reason for this is so that people can avoid my Nintendo DS ramblings. To that end… Here I go again…

I picked up Bomberman DS and have been playing it the past few days. It’s fun. I am dissapointed that they did not include Wi-Fi support. I have heard rumors that the next one will. I’ll believe it when I see it. I suspect that the company doesn’t want to include Wi-Fi becasue they would have to maintain servers etc. Of course I could be mistaken, and the Wi-Fi could be something that Nintendo themselves maintain. Bomberman does at least include the single cartridge multiplayer capabilities.



My recovery continues. Thats a good thing because I can’t stand to be home for much longer. The hellspawn have returned with a vengance and will most likely be here until Christmas Eve. They have been here since about four p.m. and have been at each others throats ever since. So much for any more quite recovery time.

Had a surprise IM waiting for me earlier today after my nap. Out of the blue Jerry B. sent me a “Happy Holiday” message. That was quite the surprise. I just wish I had actually been online at the time. It has been an extreemly long time since he and I have chatted. I still need to write up a review of his C.D. too.