Woohoo, last night I found my camera. It was where I remembered placing it. The funny thing is, where I was looking wasn’t the right “where”. You see, I last had my camera at work the day I brought the Qube home to return it to Jon. Well rather than try to carry multiple things in my arms I put everything in an old laptop carry bag. I gave Jon the Qube, and had left the camera in the bag. This much I remembered. What I didn’t remember was that at some point I had already brought something else home in one of those bags, thus putting two of the bags in my house. I have been scouring the previous bag looking for the camera when it was actually in the other bag that had gotten buried in the holiday hubbub. Boy do I feel silly. Here how it happened. Last night I was nearing complete panic and started tearing the house apart looking for the camera when I came across the correct bag. As I pulled it out I thought to myself “Hmm I thought I put this by the door so I could return it to work… Odd I don’t remember it being here.” It was then I realized it was another bag entirely and when I opened it, sitting at the bottom all nice and snug and secure, was my camera. I immediately pulled it out, and went and took pictures of the Christmas tree. 🙂

Angel Ornament

Bear Ornament

The rest, that didn’t turn out as nice, are in my Christmas Gallery for 2005.