Well, the car will not be fixed until after new years. I called the place we left it at last night and their service department is closed until Monday. I called other mechanics and they told me it would be best to leave it there. The belt doesn’t break for no reason, and there is probably somethign else wrong on the accessories. Perhaps the alternator, the A/C compressor, or anythign else attach to that belt. Yippie…


Swiffer Commercial

While I was sick I was of course watching / listening to a lot of TV. I must have seen the swiffer commercial where the guy cleans up the crime scene about a million times. At the tail end of the commercial there is a burst of “police” radio. I was able to make out that the radio actually says “This is Toronto International Airport”. I just thought it was funny.


A gigantic thank you needs to go to Karl. After tow truck driver Troy dropped me and the car off at the ford dealer in Aurora Karl drove me home. I can’t possibly thank him enough. When I dropped the keys in the drop box I noticed a sign taped to the door. The sign says “Service and parts department closed from December 30th to January 2nd in observance of the New Year.

Great… In the morning I plan to call them and see if theres any possibility of replacing the belt tomorrow. If they say no, I will contact the other service centers in the auto mall. Perhaps I’ll get lucky.

I also got a side job from the Tow Truck driver. He asked me to help his mother get her email setup. I told him I would for $50. So perhaps I will at least get a little out of it. This of course depends upon weither or not my car can get fixed. I it doesn’t I’ll have to call and postpone it. I jsut hope he doesn’t get to upset with me.