Wedding Overview – Part 1

Wow what a incredible roller coaster the past few days have been. Last Wednesday I finished up my speech as best man, packed my luggage, and drove to Glendale, WI. I arrived around 8 pm and checked into my hotel room for the night. After getting settled I gave my buddy Tony a call and after he returned from dinner he showed up at the room. Before we left, he introduced me to his cousin’s son’s Cody, and Nathan. We then walked next door to Kopps so that the boys and I could get dinner of our own.
When we got back we headed down to the pool area to talk to Carrie and one of her bridesmaids who were busilly putting finishing touches on a collage of Tony over the years. There were some pretty funny pictures. 🙂
Tony's Collage We all stayed in the pool area until it closed at ten pm. After that we guys returned to the room and decided to play a game of spades. We had to teach Nathan how to play, so he and Tony teamed up, and Cody and I teamed up. Cody and I got our butts kicked. After keeping the boys out past thier curfew Tony and I were ready to call it a night. I suggested we do lunch the next day, at his favorite sushi place, and that we invite a local friend of ours along as well.

Thursday arrived fairly quickly and so I moved to my new room that I would be sharing with one of the ushers, and his fiancee. I then ran with Tony on a few errands, including a run to the Sprecher brewery to pick up some sampler packs for some of Tony’s friends from out of town. After we returned to the hotel I suggested that we go get lunch at his favorite sushi place, the site of he and Carries first date, Nanakusa. I gave our mutual friend Jon a call and he agreed to meet us there. Jon is the one who introduced me to Nanakusa in the first place, and is way more familliar with sushi than I am. Thanks to Jon’s expertise we consumed a ton of sushi and all had a great time. This visit I discovered a few more things I like there including a seasonal item made from an amazing macerel. After lunch we walked with Jon back to his office, by way of the Public Market where he sprung for dessert. Mmmmmmm Brownie Cookie…. Jon also bought Tony a bottle of wine as a wedding present. After leaving Jon at his office we drove back to the hotel where we crashed for about 30 minutes or so while waiting for more of the wedding party to arrive. When they did it was decided that we would all go to pick up the tuxes and check for fit. A car and pickup full of people and a short trip later Tony, a groomsman, the two users, the fieancee of the one usher, and myself arrived at the mall and started the fitting process. While I was checking the fit Tony got a call and had to run and pick up his cousin’s kids and bring them for their fitting as well. Doing the math I quickly realized we now had 1 car, and one pickup capable of holding a combined total of 7 people. Unfortunalty we now numbered nine. So I ran Tony back to the hotel, so that he could use his car to get moving on to the rehersal. I then went back and picked up the boys and brought them back to the hotel long enough to drop off all the tuxes. After that we all climbed back into the cars and headed off to the church for the rehersal.

(more to come later…)