Wedding Overview – Part 2

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So I ran Tony back to the hotel, so that he could use his car to get moving on to the rehersal. I then went back and picked up the boys and brought them back to the hotel long enough to drop off all the tuxes. After that we all climbed back into the cars and headed off to the church for the rehersal.

We now continue…

At the church the priest was shocked that peopel were actually there early, he kept commenting on how amazed that when he said to be there early, people actually got there thirty minutes early. He then spent the next 45 minutes going over the basics of the wedding. During that time I discovered I would also be acting as an usher until 5:25 p.m. at which point I was to make my way to the front of the church to join the rest of the wedding party. After the remainder of the instructions for the rest of the wedding party was given we then spent fifteen minutes on the actual run through. That went pretty well, there were a couple of things that got ironed out but everyone stayed in good spirits. After the rehersal was over we went to the rehersal dinner. The dinner was held at a local pizza place called “Mama Mia’s”. While there, those in the wedding party received their gifts. We also all received gift certificates to Kopps. Before heading back to the Hotel, my roomates and I made a run to Jewel / Osco to pick up a few things to drink. After we got done there we metup back at the hotel where Trish, Cody, Nathan and I played another game of spades. This time Trish was the new player. Cody and I teamed up again, and we teamed Nathan with Trish. With the way Nathan was playing we thought it would be a fair matching. Well Trish played a good game, Cody and I played better. Cody and I won, or at least were ahead until the boys had to head to bed. After the game was done, the rest of the group sat around with Tony, and a host of other friends, talking and carying on for quite a while. Around one a.m. Tony and a few others headed to one of the rooms to torment some of his other friends who were not down in the lobby with us. After a while the remainder of us joined them. We were there until almost 2 a.m. hanging out and talking. It was interesting to finally meet his college buddies. I have heard a great number of stories and had hear all of the names, I just never had faces or personal experience to go with them. At around 2 a.m. Tony headed to bed, I followed suit shortly later as did pretty much everyone else.

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Friday Morning, the Big Day


My Speech

This is the speech I used for the wedding.

Four score and seven years ago.Whoops wrong speech.(THROW CARD, pull out

To be or not To be that is the question .. Nope still not right…(Throw
Card, pull out other)

My Fellow Americans …Definitly wrong…(Throw Card, pull out playing card)

Oh look the ace of spades.I wondered where that went. (toss that, pull
out the real speech)

I was honored to accept the position of best man..confused and dazed but
honored nonetheless. So I would like to thank both Tony and Carrie for
this opportunity.

“Thank you both, and Carrie you look absolutely lovely tonight.”

I would also like to take a moment to thank the bridesmaids for all of
their contributions to Tony and Carrie’s big day. I think everybody
agrees that they look fantastic and I must say they have both done an
excellent job looking after Carrie. They have certainly helped to make
today very special.

Not being much on public speaking I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to
give this speech. So I figured I’d just wing it and see where the
keyboard led me. So Tony, and Carrie, if this turns out bad, there is
only one thing to do. Blame the keyboard!!!

I met Tony back one night when he was “working” at Waubonsee while still
going to school at NIU. We hit it off, and like most friends, I made it
a point to hang around and distract him from actually studying or
working as much as possible.

Over the years we have hung out quite a lot and kept each other sane
whenever possible. Believe me it’s not always been an easy task. for
him. <cough> and me

When Tony wanted to introduce me to Carrie he suggested that we all get
together for lunch. So we all met at the fanciest dinning establishment
in the United States.Portillos Hotdogs.

When she actually showed up at the restaurant there was little doubt in
my mind that they were right for each other. The fact that she would go
along with going to Portillos gives her a great deal of credit in my book.

While we were there we all talked and kidded around, as friends do and
during the course of the afternoon I could see they were truly in love.
Over the past year I have been privileged to watch that love grow.

I suppose it would take me a book to explain them entirely and no one
wants to hear me talk that long. But really you cannot describe either
without illuminating the love they have for each other and for their
friends and family.

Tony, it has truly been an honor to act as your Bestman. Once again I’d
like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for affording me the
privilege.. It has been my pleasure.

I’d like to wish you and Carrie both a long and happy life together.

Ladies & Gentleman would you please join with me in a toast to the bride
and groom.

May you live as long as you like, and have all you like for as long as
you live
May your joys be as deep as the ocean, and your troubles as light as its