Movie Night

Well, I took the older boy to see “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” tonight. I realized something. I could watch that movie a hundred times and still love it. The boy liked it a lot too.

The volume of the situation

Today, due to the loss of the original headphones with the volume control I had to add a voume control slider to the kids computer. The one in the tray is disabled by way of fortres to keep them from messing with the system time, and other goodies available there.
I accomplished this easily by creating a shortcut on the “All Users” desktop. The shortcut points to “sndrec32.exe” in teh windows system 32 directory. To get just the main volume slider, and not the full volume control panel I passed the command line option “/t”. This option causes the same slider to apper that you would get when you single click on the tray volume control.


Wedding Overview – Part 3

Friday Morning, the Big Day

Friday morning started out around 8:15 with the morning contental breakfast. When I arrived I found Tony and Carrie. They sorting out some of the days details. After doing a few things that needed to be taken care of at the hotel we set off. First on our task list get the bow ties form the Tuxedo rental place. A number of the tuxes did not have the correct boxties. Some of the tuxes had straight ties and others supposedly were missing compleetly. We went to the Mall, and arrided at the shop at 10:08. The shop was closed. The night before Carrie had called and raised hell with them and they were supposed to be open, with the ties at 10:00 am. I waited at the door while Tony went to take care of something else in the mall. While Tony was gone the manger arrived and started to appologise for the delay. He then started to explain how they didn’t have all of the bowties they promised jsut yet they were short one or two. He insisted that there were some with the suits, he had checked a number of the suits himself. I puffed up a little and explained that I was told by the bride, to get 12 bowties and that is what I am going to do. He started to argue but I flared a little more and the manager backed down compleetly. At that point Tony returned and the manager rummaged in the back and low and behold produced the finall two bowties we needed. With the bowties in hand Tony and I left the mall and returned to the hotel where we distributed the ties to everyone. At that point we climbed back into the cars and I followed Tony to the reception hall to leave his car. While there we both went in to check out the decorations. Everything looked very nice and Tony seemed pleased. I then drove him back to the hotel to continue the preperations. I returned to my room to crash for about an hour so try to make sure I was rested for the actuall ceremony. After about 30 minutes or so, my phone range, and it was Tony. He was curious about lunch plans, and I told him I had none. He suggested we all go someplace when he got back to the hotel. It seems he decided to walk to the mall ( about 4 blocks from the hotel) to get his nails done. 🙂 When he returned most of all of the wedding part walked down to the Perkins down the street for lunch. The service wasn’t great, it took about an hour to get our food. We were within 5 minutes of walking out. I even had to get a little harsh to get silverware for half of the table. Once dinner was over we returned to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. By this point my nerves were starting to get really rough. I decided to slip down to the hottub to help me unwind while I practiced the toast. It helped some and I returned to the room feeling a little more relaxed. At that point my roomate Dan, one of the ushers, and I began to get ready for the wedding. I was showered dressed and ready pretty quickly, which is slightly surprising for me when it comes to dressing fancy. Lets jsut say, I’m not a fan. 🙂
While waiting in the tux, Dan and his fiancee came out of the bedroom area needing help with the cufflinks, and button studs. I showed them what to do, and put the cufflinks in for Dan. Just as I finished that a knock came at the door and it was Tony mostly dressed. He neede dhelp with his bowtie, as well as the cufflinks. Trish immediatly asked him what was the problem with his bowtie, as it looked funny. It dawened on me at that point that he had put on one of the kids bowties instead of the adult variety. Trish and I headed to his room to fix that mistake and make sure he got everyhitgn else right. Once he was dressed, we headed back to our room, as I approaced teh room the rest of the groomsman, and useres were miling about in front of my room. Each one struggling to figure out the tux. I stood there and dressed / instructed them on how to put on the accessories of the tux. At that point on of the groomsmen made the mistake of point out to me that he was wearing white socks. “No, you are not”, I responded. he pulled up the pant leg to prove it. I immediatly ordered him to get his ass in my room immediatly. I was expecting this and had bought a 6 pack of black socks. “No one is goign to notice it!??!?!”, he pleaded. I responded with, “Like hell they won’t, get in there and get some black socks on!” He grumbled and wasn’t moving. “Look, this is not about you this is about Tony and Carrie. You are here for THEM, not for YOU, you will wear black socks or I will kick your ass!” He folded and went in and put the socks on. 🙂 After that we all made our way to the lobby to figure out driving arrangements. Tony, Cody and Nathan rode with me and we all arrived at the church at 3:30.

Next time… “The Wedding“.

Good Morning World

Good Morning World! I slept extreemly well last night., and I wasn’t woken up by any disasters this mornig either. I got up, went downstairs threw in a pizza for lunch. (Yes I slept that long) So far it’s been a nice morning. I’m actualyl in a goos mood and all seems well.