Not just Google…

What country are we living in??? It seems the feds not only requested information from Google, but also AOL, Yahoo, MSN all of which agreed to give it to them with the exception of Google.

For more information:
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U.S. wants to google … Google

So here’s a question? If its ok for the Govenment to look at the common man and see what they are searching on… why can’t the search engine companies post the searches performed from govenrment addresses?



Boy I am really getting tired of fighting the Hydra. As expected, every time I cut off a head two more grow back. I think it is getting a little tired though, as I had a 24 hour period where the hydra took a nap. This moring it was back at its old tricks again. Not to worry though, I’ve just about sliced off this mornings four heads. P

I know it will grow some more back, but I hope eventually it will get tired of the effort of regrowing heads and move on to bothering someone else. I just hope it doesn’t decide to call in re-inforcements that I can’t handle. I may be decent at adapting, but I don’t know how fast I will be able to if things get really harsh.