Pay me you owe me

The other day I overheard a group of what appeared to be department heads for a number of branches of a bank chain talking in a restaraunt. It frightens me a little how greedy these companies are getting. I use the term company and not bank, because what I heard was certainly not what I want in a bank. The following conversation is not verbatim but a pretty close approximation.

Manager 1: “So I will probably have to do something about them.”
Manager 2: “They just don’t understand, [bank chain] is a sales driven bank. They need to push those cards!”
Manager 3: “Oh that’s nothing, I talked to my tellers and assigned them to read up on the cards. I came back the next week and quizzed them and the first person I asked ‘so tell me about our [bank chain] card’ couldn’t have sold a card to me at all. I asked him if he even read the material I told him to. He said he hadn’t yet so I made him go sit in the back and read it”
Manager 1: “That’s like my people too.”
Manager 3: “I think we are going to just have to let them all go and hire people who are more sales driven.”
Manager 2: “Absolutly! Last week I worked as a teller for an hour and I sold 3 cards, these people are just not trying!”
Manager 4: “That’s what I have been doing, I give them 2 weeks to prove themselves, and if they can’t make the sale, then they are gone.”

I realize a bank is interested in making mony like every other company… but really do they need to force thier customers into more debt? I guess I’m to sheltered, I thought banks were supposed to help you save money, and to better manage your finances, not force you into debt.

Funny how their name equates to:


Hey Winston!

Winston, plus this to the newspeak dictionary. It’s Double Plus good.

It’s not domestic spying… Silly me… it’s “terrorist surveillance”, what was I thinking…

Don’t forget the best way to combat bird flu is to use the military.