Greatly Unrealistic Expectations

Last night when I arrived home I was a little puzzled to discover my mother dressed in “fancy” clothes. By fancy I mean some sort of robins egg blue colored womans suit type thing. She looked decent in it, but I was pretty confused, so I asked “why so fancy?” It turns out she went for a job interview. I’m glad she’s thinking about getting out of the house and trying to do a little more, and I think a job would do her a world of good. What really blew my mind though was how irritated she was at the potential employer. “They didn’t hire me on the spot!” Uhhh… HELLO… REALITY CHECK!!! “Well, no I doubt they would. Most places don’t work that way, especially if they have more people to interview…” “HARUMPH…. I’ve been hired on the spot for better jobs than that! They don’t know what they are doing…” I knew better than to try to argue this one… I just wished her good luck and walked off.

Ok, so why would she think they would hire her on the spot… This is her 1st job interview (that I know of) in at least twenty five years. She has been out of work due to the accident for nearly eleven years. Her only relevant job experience to this job was working as a telemarketer for a little over a year around 25 years ago. I think she needs to take a real close look at this, and be glad she even got the interview!!! Hell I know people who are currently working, but looking for better jobs that are having troubles getting inteviews. I just hope this isn’t going to trigger another one of those week or two long bouts of depression where I can’t get her to get out of the bed…