A night on the tune…


Yup that’s a good summary for the show Saturday night.

Lets see, Saturday is somewhat a blur… Once again I found myself in Milwaukee. This time it was for the Katrina victim bennefit concert put on by Seelie Court, and 3 pints gone. The concert also acted as the CD release party for “Circle”. The show was incredible. It started around 7:15, consisted of three sets, and didn’t end until around 11:30. Seelie Court took the 1st set, 3 Pints Gone had the 2nd set, and final set was the “Build a Band” set. Thanks to the Seelie Cult, and friends, that set contained an insane rendition of “Nancy Lee”. Every time the chorus got to “all the crew was in dispair… Some rushed here, and some rushed there…” we woudl all get up and run like maninacs through the show. The 1st chorus we all got up and randomly switched seats. The 2nd chorus, we all ran pretty random. 3rd chorus we rushed the stage (Thanks Chris). 4th chorus we all ran to the rear of the auditorium. 5th chorus we ran back and sat back in our original seats. The 6th and final chorus we all stood up and spun in a circle and sat back down.

There were many many more great moments, and once I have the pictures transferred I’ll post even more.