Tetris DS on WiFi is going to ROCK

Keeping with my Nintendo DS obsession^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h theme of this week, I heard there is to be a “Tetris DS” released on March 20th. It has Wi-Fi and will allow up to four players to play over Wi-Fi, or eight over local wireless. Sorry to the non-game playing people reading this, but I’m finally feeling like my purchase might have been worth it, now that the big N is finally starting to release Wi-Fi titles. So in celebration of Tetris DS I give you:

L / reverse L
You’re the dependable all-purpose utilityman. You
can squeeze into tight places, fill big gaps,
make a space for your fellow pieces, and rack
up big-point triples with equal ease. You
Which Tetris piece are you?
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