Protecthing us from terrorits one library at a time…

I came across an article today regarding the Department of Homeland Security. Well actually it appears to be one countys own version of the department. Two men in uniform, walking into a public library, and announced that viewing of porn on the library internet computers is forbidden. Then then proceeded to insist that one of the library patrons “step outside”. These men did not work for the library, and the library has no such policy. Thankfully the librarian stepped in and called the local police. The article goes on to say that the men thought they were enforcing the countys sexual harrasment laws. What worrys me is that if this happend in one place and was stopped, how many other places is this happening that we do not hear of. The department of homeland security needs to get it through thier heads that they are not the “moral patrol”. Once again I feel like we are living in an Orwellian state now complete with “Thought Police”. Thank you Mr. Bush.

“Policing Porn Is Not Part of Job Description” – Washington Post