Attack of the mutant plant people!!!

Ok, I realize exactly what this person meant, but I still for some reason found this statement incredibly funny.

“Back in my day there was no such thing as DNA.”

I wanted to ask her “So uh, back in your day were you a plant?”

This message brought to you by the co-worker that is certain you cannot transmit germs via the air.


Friends don’t let friends PDF from notepad

Ok, here’s one for the Duh! File for certain. Today I received a message on one of my library listserves. The message was in regards to some conference, and had a botched PDF attachemnt. Thinking it might be something interesting I ripped the botched mime out, and ran it through winzip as a .b64 file. As expected out popped the PDF. I open the PDF and nearly screamed. The PDF was nothing but ASCII text. There was no formatting, there was NOTHING. It was as if the person wrote the invite in notepad and then converted this plain ASCII text file to PDF. Let me guess, they were trying to ensure compatibility???? Can I have a resounding collective forehead slap from everyone?

Remeber folks… PDF is fine if you want to retain formatting, but in a plain text file its POINTLESS!!!

invite.pdf 17,850 bytes
invite.txt 1,368 bytes

Of the two options which would you preferr to have?