Im now on the shuttle to the airport. Ive never felt more safe on a plane as I did this flight.

[Later edit from Hotel Room]
I’m a little pissed at some of the passengers though. The stewardess asked that everyone allow the soldiers to deplane first so that they could get to their waiting family. The minute we stopped everyone got up and started the mad rush for thier belongings compleetly ignoring the request. The stewardess repeated her request and most people sat back down long enough for the 5 soldiers in 1st class to get out then again resumed their exodus blocking another 15 soldiers further back in the plane. I stood up from my seat and stood at the isle and gave some imposing looks to a few people behind me blocking the way who promptly sat back down and waited for the soldiers to pass. As each soldier passed by me they thanked me, the lone remaining 1st class passenger for allowing them to pass. I told them each, “No, Thank you.”

How can people be so damn selfish that they cannot wait 5 minutes to get off of an airplane to allow our servicemen, who have not seen their families in 9 months first exit?