Nosey Flynn

Last year when I came to this conference I stumbled across a band in the Irish Pub in the hotel. They were very talented and I sat through their show until they could play no more (closing time, not that they were worn out), all the time requesting this song and that song. They obliged when they could, and were a little more than frightened that I pretty well knew the lyrics to every song they could perform. Unfortunatly my ATM card broke earlier in that day and I had no cash to get the CD. I was hpoing against all hope that one night this year they woudl be back again. That night was tonight! Once again I walked in early on and stood in the corner mouthing along to every song they did. Johnny Jump Up, Fields of Athenry, etc… The guy I sat with last year was again back and motioned for me to join him and a couple other library peopel so I did. We sat there singing along, drinking a few pints and just having a grand time. The band once again came over and begged to know where I had learned all the songs they knew. I explained, reminding them they had the same reaction last year. They vaugly remembered. This time I had enough cash and got their CD. The group is named “Nosey Flynn” and the album name is “They All Waved Goodbye”. I have yet to listen to it, but if it is as good as they were live it was money well spent. Oh, and when there were songs I requested that they didn’t know (a number of them hehehehehe) I sent them to Seelie Court, and Bounding Main’s websites. So hopefully they will get a chance to take a listen to some of my favorite musicians too. I just wish the conference was going to be back down here next year too. Next year it will be in Boulder Springs, CO.
So if anyone happens to be in the Nashville area, and hears that Nosey Flynn is playing, do yourself a favor and check them out.

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