Chicago Maritime Festival

Today was the day of the Chicago Maritime Festival. Thanks to Dave I didn’t miss it. Untill we spoke last night I was certain it was on Sunday. Why I thoguht Sunday, I don’t know as it is always on Saturday.
I made it downtown by 9:30 a.m. I was a bit worried I was going to be late, but I made good time on the tollway. (Yes I drove safe) It took me a few minutes to figure out which building was the correct building, but fortunatly I noticed someone carrying a model ship so I followed him to the Latin School. While waiting for the fest to open I bumped into Frank Hui who was intown for the show. Once the fest opened I found Bounding Main and said hello. I then followed them and a massive group of shanty singers out to the front of the building where they opened the show with an “All Hands” sing.
The rest of the day progressed normally. The sound system could have used some “tweaking” as I found myself having to leave the room, floor and building at various times because of the feedback. Bounding Main’s set went pretty well, they included a couple of “new” songs that were crowd favorites. They also found a few new fans, including a young little girl who I saw clutching her very own copy of “Lost at Sea” close to her chest as she left the room. Later I found out she went and hunted down the girls and got thier autographs. I gues sshe walked right past the guys ignoring them compleetly.
After the show I followed Dave back to 88, (I REALLLY need to get the GPS unit) and on the way back we stopped off in Oakbrook (I was running out of gas, I forgot to fill up before leaving this morning) and while there we decided to grab dinner at Webber Grill. Yum…
All in all a good day. Tomorrow… I’m sleeping in!