Thats 2

Tonight on my way home I found myself reliving the “Rennie Book Club” that met once last year. After running through that, I suddenly found myself playing back tons of events from when I worked at Hardees in Plano. Memories I hadn’t thoguht of in 10 years, came flooding back. It was strange, but I’m getting used to strange anymore.
When I got home, I ate dinner, and after that I finished the phone rang. It was an old friend from High School, a friend who happend to work at Hardees with me. We talked and the conversation of course turned to Hardees. At that point we talked about all of the various memories we had, me running back through the memories that had hit me on the ride home. He was amazed by how much detail I remembered and how I kept filling in. It was fun, but a bit surreal as well.

Later Gabbi and I were talking and the Book club came up too. Ya gotta love it.


New Month

I lieu of the insane weather, I do hereby suggest that the month of March be no longer called March. I propose that its new name be somethign that more accuratly reflects the true nature of the month. There for it is with great insanity that I present you with the new and improved month of “Dec-Ma-Feb-ust-ary”. This new month encorporates all of the features of the months of December, May/March, February, August, and January.

It’s just easier this way.