Birthday Dinner

Tonight after work I went for a nice German dinner at the Bavarian Inn in Lisle. I love the food, and the beer selection there. This was the brainchild of my buddy Tony, and because he didn’t get around to emailing anyone until this morning almost everyone had prior plans. We ended up having four people for dinner counting me, and it was a really nice time.
When I arrived I was kind of tired from not sleeping much this week. (Damn you Nintendo and your evil addictive Tetris DS game) So I figured I had about 30 minutes or so before everyone was going to be there so I took a quick cat nap. I awoke to Tony and Carrie knocking on and shaking my car. (Yes Jon, I jumped and flailed. No I did not hit my head.) So I hopped out of the car, grabbed the cell phone, hit the lock, and shut the door. We went in and as we were sitting down at the table to wait for Zack I realized I had locked the keys in the car. Crap…
We had a nice dinner and great conversation. Sometimes it is just really nice to have a small number of people at dinner. We all talked about this and that, remembered al sorts of capers from the past and had an enjoyable time. The waitress even brought out a free Chocolate Amaretto Bundt cake with a candle for me. It was delicious! As a rule, I am not a big chocolate cake fan but I thought I would be polite and eat at least part of it. Ye flipping gods, it was incredible.
After dinner we sat and talked a little more to let the food, and beer digest a bit. One topic of discussion was how I was going to get into my car. I explained that this is about the fifth or sixth time I’ve done this, and I’m an old pro at breaking into my car. After a bit more conversation and the bill was paid, (no one would let me pay again…) we said our goodbyes and Tony and Carrie went back home while Zack stayed with me to assist me in my break-in. He was still feeling a little effect of the dopplebach beer so I drove his car to the local K-Mart to acquire the one ‘tool’ I would need to gain entry to my car.
We wandered K-Mart and to my dismay they did not carry the item I needed. We wandered a bit more looking for a suitable substitute, and found one in the camping isle. I noticed a packaged containing four Coleman campfire forks. Looking at the package they appeared to be perfect in almost every way. They were the correct length, the correct gauge of wire, and they were even pre-bent into almost the perfect shape. We paid and made our way back to the restaurant. Zack watched as I made the 2 final necessary bends to one of the forks and in less than 5 minutes (a new personal record) I was holding my car keys.
I think on some level I should be more disturbed than I am that I can so easily break into my car. On the other hand it sure is a lot cheaper than a locksmith. Of course the best option would be to just get a spare key made and put it in my wallet, but where is the fun in that!


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me…
Happy Birthday to me…
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to me…

Wow, 30. Yup, Feels just like yesterday… Except there is snow on the ground and everything else. It’s pretty, I jsut hope theres not any more of it, I’d rather not shovel.

I think I’ll stop on the way to work and get a cookie cake and take it into work. I guess that means I should get going then.