I Don’t do windows…

Today at work my order for a “Swiffer Duster” came in. Wow what a cool device. I ordered it so I could clean out the giant dust puppies living behind the computers in the desks, and tables. It worked wonders. Unfortunatly I got a little creative… Out of curiosity i iped it across the air intake vent above my desk. This vent has been a grey metal color since I started working here 11 years ago. I thought it was odd they didnt buy white ones, but knowing how cheap the place can be, I didn’t give it much thought. Besides… How often does one stare at the ceiling. When I wiped over the vent I about screamed. The vent is actually white. It had so much dust on it that you coudl NOT tell what color it was supposed to be. I wonder why we are always sick up here. I cleaned all but one vent here, and I am waiting for the HVAC guy to come by so I can show him the mess. Of course I’m certain he will give me some excuse along the lines of it begin better to not disturb the dust. This is fricking absurd. I also did a demo for my boss and she was horrified. She has now placed a work order to have all of the vents cleaned. Something tells me they wont do it, as any time we have asked them to dust they respond with, “It’s not our job to dust. ” (This is actually why I ordered the swiffer in the 1st place) I think I may actually buy one for home though, I know my room could use it, and behind the TV and other electronics could really use it as well. I know its proably more ecologically sound to use a regular duster, rather than generate that much more waste, but the removal of the dust and crap in the house might just offset that in my head. Yes, an old fashioned duster would probably work jsut as well too, but the old fashioned dusters I’ve used jsut kick up the dust back into the air and I don’t want that.


One thought on “I Don’t do windows…

  1. We’ve got the swiffer duster too… since I’m alleric to dust. It works great for picking
    up the dust and not kicking it back into the air. We have to hide it when we’re done though,
    because Hermese loves the duster too. Yeah, had to share. 🙂

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