Shhh… Do you smell that?

In honor of today being such a nice day / evening I stopped by the store on the way home, picked up some great looking pork chops, some new interesting looking new rub, and some sort of rice in a box thing. When I got home I pulled off the grill cover, fired it up (it started right up, no problem) and scrubbed it down. I then seasoned the meat, and wiped the grill down one more time, and threw them on. As I type this I am sitting on the desk, listening to the crackle of the chops cooking, and smelling that wonderful scent of grilling food. Yummmy Yummy!


One thought on “Shhh… Do you smell that?

  1. Must be yet another thing that is contagious.

    My boss invited me over after work for some great grilled steaks.
    Too yummy. Standing outside for the first time this year without a jacket was nice too.

    And I broke down a bit and had a Martini. Oh well, I knew that was going to be the first vice that would get cast to the wayside.

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