Past times with good company

Yesterday Gabbi rode with me to Jon and Audra’s party.  I think everyone had a good time, even thoguh thre were a few poepel missing for various reasons.   The food was great, the company was wodnerful, and we all had a very good time. Thanks again.
My pictures of the fun are here:

All is calm, All is bright…

Well ok, perhaps not ALL but at least as far as datloss goes. As of about 45 minutes ago I was able to mount the recovered data file created by dd_rescue & dd_rhelp.  When I mounted it, I feared the worst, and expected still that there would be no hope.   I was wrong.   I now have, copying to the new webserver, and copied to my local HDD, _ALL_  of the remaining missing photos.   Thats right… Every last one of them.  All of Four Kingdoms, all of Halloween, all of Christmas 2005, even some pictures from my mothers birthday that I didn’t remember losing.   As far as  troubles  go, this one is now pushed to the level of minor annoyance, and no longer has any control over me.

I learned my lesson… BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP…

Lending a hand…

Todays Aurora Beacon news has a tiny article about Shakespeare day in it.  It seems they went the “A picture is worth a thousand words” route.  One of the pictures is of one of our students standing reading a book of sonnets, the other picture is of the same book of sonnets being held open on the table by a rather fammiliar hand and bracer.  (And I hadn’t yet bit off all my finger nails on that hand… Go figure…)

And I quote…

Well, I was quoted in today’s Kane County Chronicle for Shakespeare day. I wasn’t in the pictures, which is good, they focused on the student particiption as they should. Also, thanks to the writing talents of Kartikay Mehrotra I do not sound like a complete fool… The last few paragraphs of the article titled “Birthday of the Bard” are below:
WCC library employee John Wohlers dressed in a green 16th century suit with a matching cap and leather boots. He said Shakespeare’s value goes far beyond the 38 plays and 154 sonnets he wrote.

Shakespeare created and applied 1,500 words to the English language, such as luggage, assassination and monumental, along with phrases like catching a cold, disgraceful conduct and fair play.

“It’s amazing that that much of a language has been defined because of one person,” Wohlers said. “People were becoming learned at that time which probably has a lot to do with his lasting impact.”

Green suit? Ok… I suppose that is one description for my garb. I’ll have to kepe that in mind the next time I have to go somewhere that a suit is required… MUAHAHAHHAHAHAH