Why is it morning again?

Could someone please explain to me why it is morning again? I’m pretty sure it should still be ‘not morning’ as that is what my body is telling me. This is why I should NOT stay up until 1 a.m. Last night I really was planning on going to bed about 11:30. That was when I finished my mothers taxes. (An adventure in and of itself) It was shortly after that that my aunt, who was doing her taxes at our house, asked “So who is going to take me home?” It was then that the following things dawned on me:

  • I would be that someone
  • It will be at least another thirty minutes before she is ready to go
  • It is at least a 40 minute round trip
  • I really am sick to death of my aunt and mother bending over backwards to help enabling my cousin
  • Work Monday will suck