I took a nap earlier and woke up just before eight. When I woke up I had this strange sense of urgancy. A sense that there was something I had to do, and had to do right then. I just couldn’t figure out what it was. It’s faded some now but dang I hate it when stuff like that happens.


Back in the Saddle

Well I have returned to work, which will hopefully return some sense of normality to my life. I arrived to a number of fires, as expected, but so far thigns are working out ok. In true crazy fashion… I’ve been here half a day and the staff are proving to be thier typical source of humor.

Co-Worker (In timid, understanding voice): “So…. How are you doing John…”
Me: “Well, you know I’m coping, and I’m back at work… So things will get back to normal…”
Co-Worker: “Oh… yeah… ” (Excitedly trying to changed the topic) “Hey, Have you lost weight? ”
Me: “Considering I havn’t really eaten much since last Thursday, I would assume yes… I probably have…”
Co-Worker: “Oh that’s great, keep it up! You can tell.”
Me: “Ok, thanks…”

Snicker… Uh… 2 + 2 = 3 right?

FYI: Death and greaving are NOT acceptable Diet plans…

Kindred Spirits

Yesterday, before leaving Dave’s parents his dad again looked at me and this time said “He loved you…, You two were Kindred Spirits.”

Kindred Spirit:
You are born in agreement with a kindred spirit. When you meet him, you automatically love him. The two of you, when you meet, feel like you’ve known each other your entire lives. You can go years without talking and never miss a beat when you see each other again. You like the same things, share similar feelings, laugh at the same obscure and nonsensical jokes, find excitement in similar places, and are just different enough that you can like each other even when suffering debilitating bouts of self-hate.