Recovery Update

Well the photo gallery recovery project is progressing pretty well.   I know at the time of the crash I had around 15,600 photos.  When last I checked I had recovered 13,154 and the final DVD was still only about 3/4 done.    I also have a ton of file to re-load that were not in the backup but I do have them.  One set that I know I am missing is the Halloween 2005 pictures, I have a little hope that they MIGHT be still on the other laptop at home.  If they aren’t there is also one possiblitly that they are in the java cache on my mothers computer as we had looked through them a few weeks back.    I’m sure there are other pictures that are lost and gone forever, like this years christmas phots, but I think I can live with that for the most part.  I have not totally given up on being able to access the dead partition on the one partially working drive eitehr and if I do I might just get lucky enough to be able to recover the last few missing images.  One thing I do know.. is fomr now on, before I copy the photos to the server… I WILL burn them to CD JUST IN CASE.


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